It's Fava-clock Somewhere

  • High-protein spicy fava beans
  • High-protein habanero crunchy chickpeas
  • High-protein dry roasted edamame

Boss just push you over the limit? Not to worry, this crunchy, spicy snack will brighten your day with its delicious mix of spicy fava beans, crunchy habanero chickpeas, and dry-roasted edamames. Come to think of it, it'd go great with somethin' tall and strong! It may be half-past two, but you don't care. It's fava-clock somewhere.

High-protein spicy fava beans:

Broad bean, canola oil, chinese cajun seasoning (chili powder, salt, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, msg, potato starch, spices, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract, and natural chili color), salt, pepper, and msg.

High-protein habanero crunchy chickpeas:

Chickpeas, sunflower oil, habanero seasoning (salt, tomato powder, onion powder, evaporated cane sugar, garlic powder, dehydrated lemon peel, habanero pepper, black pepper, cumin, citric acid, lemon oil).

High-protein dry roasted edamame:

Soy beans, salt.