Our Story: The Legend of SnackBot

(Note: partially based on mostly real events)

Officebites began, as so many stories begin, a long, long, time ago, in the year 2016. Somewhere in the small village of Los Angeles, in a lesser-known state that locals affectionately called “California,” a rag-tag team of rogues, misfits, and ne’er-do-wells came together to form what would become the snack creation team of the century.

Many long days and nights passed as the team labored away in their underground basement lair. Through these countless long days and nights, many friends of the team became worried for their safety and whereabouts. At times the team would disappear into “snack-creation-sessions” for what would seem like weeks, subsisting only on crunchy BBQ chickpeas and jalapeno honey mustard pretzel sticks.

Creation of the perfect healthy snacks became the sole mission (nay, obsession) of the team, pervading every passing thought. Regular conversations with friends and strangers alike would often meander into discussions of flavor preferences and macronutrient composition. Dreams were filled with visions of dancing almonds and sugar free chocolate covered espresso beans, causing team members to cry out in the night for more.

But then, one fateful morning on a day much like any other in that small town – filled with sunshine and hope – something very peculiar happened. Seemingly out of nowhere, a double rainbow materialized and arched majestically across the Los Angeles sky – a strange sight indeed, as it had not rained in this small town for many years – and the great arched expanse of this rainbow slowly moved across the blue sky until it stopped directly atop the guarded entrance of the officebites lair.

Just as it stopped, a small, green, leprechaun-sized creature emerged from the nearby bushes and approached the door at the end of the rainbow. Silently, a small curious crowd began to form, and with nary a word, the diminutive creature (who would later be known across the land as “SnackBot”), slowly opened the lair’s door.

As the door was opened, the brightly colored beams of rainbow shone through the doorway into the otherwise dark staircase leading to the lair below. Just then, from above, a medley of jubilant trumpets sounded, and the officebites team slowly emerged triumphantly from the doorway with hands raised high.

Above their heads, the team proudly held what appeared to be an almost ethereal glowing delivery box. The crowd circled around and spontaneously began to cheer and applaud the officebites team as they lowered the box to display its contents to the world. As it opened, the trumpet medley all at once stopped and the sounds of a steady drum beat filled the air.

The box was opened as the crowd looked on in anticipation to reveal it filled to the brim with colorful bags of healthy and delicious-looking snacks. The snacks were immediately shared amongst the people present, satiating, energizing, and delighting all who snacked on these remarkably delicious snacks. Soon, word spread of this team and their healthy and tasty snack creations, and the legend of SnackBot was born.